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Brady bunch cast members dating

“He had no idea who I was,” says Mc Cormiek, “which, I have to say, was very, very refreshing.” (Hard to believe, isn’t it, that lie wouldn’t at least have remembered her from her advice column in Tiger Beat?) Virtually everyone else, she finds, regards her as an acquaintance.“THE BRADY BUNCH IS LIKE AHAB and the white whale,” says executive producer Sherwood Schwartz, who first conceived of the sitcom—the timeless and endearingly silly story of a man called Brady, his second wife and their six children (the three boys his, the three girls hers)—in 1966.“It jumps out when you least expect it.” Well, Schwartz’s whale is back, sopping us all with the mild suburban travails of Greg, Bobby, Peter, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, newlywed parents Mike and Carol, and, of course, Alice, the maid.Today, however, Mc Cormick is much more Marcia, enjoying the quiet life with her she wants us to think until her next book comes out! Suzanne's character Tracy Partridge was best known for her freckles, red hair, and playing the tambourine.“When those little things called hormones start kicking in, you get excited by even inanimate objects,” he says. I just wanted to spend time with her.” The date, at any rate, never went beyond a pleasant restaurant dinner. I was changing my line readings, I was wandering around.” Williams says he was just plain mad—difficult, resentful—in the lean years after the show was canceled in 1974. “I’d get generic answers: ‘You’re a little too tall, a little too young, your feet aren’t wide enough.’ Oh, and ‘You’re too famous.’ That was my favorite.” He gradually got back on his feet, personally and professionally, with theater roles: fan.

As corny as it sounds, if kinda is like a family.” Virtually the entire cast showed up for Barry Williams’s wedding two years ago in Pacific Palisades, Calif., as well as for the 50th wedding anniversary last year of Sherwood Schwartz and his wife, Mildred. who are profiled on the following pages, are good-natured about the way their Brady pasts have continued into the present and, whether they like it or not, will continue into the foreseeable future.(What’s not in the future are residuals, which sitcom actors from that era, for the most part, don’t receive.) “You can’t kill ,” says Ann B. “We’ve gotten so much blood out of this turnip, it may not be a turnip.” GREG, the Luke Perry of the Watergate era, tells all—or a lot Barry Williams lives in Calabasas, Calif., in a five-bedroom Mediterranean-style house—a nice fit for someone who had that many sitcom siblings.Says Williams, 37, who played tall, dark and adolescent Greg, the oldest Brady child: “I looked at it one day and thought, ‘Yeah, looks like something Greg would buy.’ ” In his den, Williams keeps videotapes of all 116 Brady episodes (plus the pilot), all of which he watched when he was working on his new book, Growing Up Brady (cowritten with Chris Kreski, an MTV editorial director). “Occasionally I’d have to sit down with a glass of wine to watch an episode,” says Williams, currently starring in the touring musical City of Angels.“Nobody’s business,” says Olsen, when asked whether Reed—who has a daughter from a marriage that ended in divorce in 1959—was gay.Olsen thinks there’s a more important point for the public: “If AIDS can happen to Dad Brady, it can happen to you.” Indeed, in an era in which even sitcom characters must practice safe sex, seems still more appealingly unreal than when if first turned up on ABC, “a traditional little show,” as Henderson describes it, “that came along at the end of the ’60s, which was a terribly turbulent time.” The key to the series’ enduring appeal, according to Henderson, is that generated an authentic, home-sweet-home warmth.

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“But I began to look at it less critically and more affectionately.” The oversize paperback is filled with details that Brady maniacs will cherish and share—including the sad fact that Tiger, the shaggy mutt who disappeared from the Brady household early on, actually died after the fourth episode.