Cacti graphs stopped updating

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Cacti graphs stopped updating

If you want to ignore this then just send all the output to /dev/null in the cron job.

If you are using the same config I described previously, then simply add the lines to your /etc/snmp/local-snmp-cronjob file to make it look something like this (may have other content for other tasks): #!

For example, to walk down all the extensions you could do something like: $ snmpwalk -v 3 -u monitor -l auth Priv -a SHA -x AES -A AUTHPASS -X PRIVPASS localhost NET-SNMP-EXTEND-MIB::ns Extend Out Line I like the idea!

It would ideally need to show both inbound (smtpd) and outbound (smtp) mail but it should be relatively easy.

Following on from the basics of SNMP I did previously, this article now adds the next set of SNMP extension scripts, config, and Cacti templates to monitor a Postfix mail server.

This includes monitoring spf (Sender Policy Framework, clamav-milter (anti-virus/anti-malware), dkim-milter (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and spamass-milter (Spam Assassin).

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This is something that is probably get a better answer on a Cacti mailing list.

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