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Cam247 black girl live

It enables you to download Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends,” Third Edition, to your kindle or personal computer. Please get your copy now for your further understanding of the history and power of the Jesuit Order while helping this ministry continue to expose the ubiquitous Society of Jesus in full control of Hollywood (via Roman Catholic Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Chris Dodd! Enroll in the Private American National Citizenship class (image below).

De Loach) aided by the New York City Police Department, the bloody murder of the brave Malcolm X was secured.And upon Malcolm exposing the dishonorable Elijah Muhammad as a pedophile, having fathered eight children to six teenage Black girls, Malcolm was now sentenced to death.Shot down in New York City in 1965 by NOI assassins sent by Freemason Elijah Muhammad working in conjunction with the high command of the FBI (33rd Degree Freemason FBI Director J.We then review the paperwork to be executed and filed in a public office which filing is absolutely necessary on order to cease from being a federally-owned “U. citizen,” termed also by the federal courts as a “citizen of the Federal Government,” and return to our former status of being a “Private Citizen of the United States: Private American National: American Freeman.” .This Power Point, with an accompanying 64-page Word Document, explains the terrible alterations of American citizenship from July 28, 1868, to December 16, 1950.

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A must for your library to understand how American citizens under American Common Law became essentially “Romans citizens” under Roman Civil Law. Apart from the errors that George Washington was a Roman Catholic and that the American Revolution was a work of the Jesuits, Stuart gives many excellent facts further exposing the Society of Jesus. This CD contains a massive amount of work and valuable quotes to be used in publicly exposing the masters of the American Empire—the Company of Jesus.