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Dating a psychopath

Just because your partner may do some of the 5 things listed above doesn’t mean that you can’t have a conversation with them about things they may not realize they are doing, before making a final decision on your relationship.

The key difference between a narcissist and psychopathic narcissism is that psychopaths believe that what they do and how they think are completely normal. People acting out in an erratic way, making rash decisions, or seeming “crazy” are called “psycho” all the time in our society.It’s rare when people know what real psychopaths are, and if they do, they think psychopaths are just cold-blooded killers.What people don’t realize is that dating a psychopath is dating a human, which means there’s still ups and downs.I’m here to share my experience as a person who struggles with anxiety and depression.

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What can result from this disorder is narcissism or narcissistic behavior, thus your scour of the internet.

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