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GST’s impact has been on my eating out and shopping,” says Priyanka Gupta, a young corporate from Gurgaon.

Some users on Twitter and Facebook have also shared photos of food bills, showing the increase in the cost after the implementation of GST: After GST Celebrating Birthday is also becomes expensive.

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“The taxes pile up to 40-50 per cent of the total bill at any restaurant.Shopping at local garment shops has become a struggle with owners trying every gimmick in the book to evade tax.“I went to buy a kurta and pyjama that was for Rs 700.And, this has impacted the lives of students, especially hostellers and PG dwellers.We speak to some of the students and young professionals, to find out how they are coping with the impact of GST. Kartikey Parashar, a third year BTech student from Greater Noida says he has cut down on his spending after GST. I would earlier go out regularly (at least thrice a week) with friends but that has reduced to a great extent.

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” Online retail websites have also increased the tax on the total bill.

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