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The problem was that it’s been pillaged remorselessly ever since.Human Revolution is now just part of a flock of ‘intelligent shooters’ filled with computer hacking, stealth, cybernetic superpowers, and, of course, trench coats. The level design is near-flawless, letting you script the action room by room.

With this in mind, we started exploring ways to best create the whole Deus Ex: Human Revolution project -- console and PC.

Julien Bouvrais, director of technology, Eidos-Montreal: Deus Ex is one of those legendary franchises amongst developers.

A vast majority of people who have been working in the industry for a while and have been playing games since they were kids, have dreamt about one day being part of such a cornerstone of the gaming history.

Success often depends on using upgrades to become less and less human – an idea this game explores more intelligently than Hollywood robo-shockers such as I, Robot.

The only problem is that gamers – like me – weaned on the shoot-from-the-hip approach of games such as Halo, will find Human Revolution TOO brainy.

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