Domestic assault intimidating witness massachusetts

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You should be aware that unless you are married to the person who is charged with the crime, the district attorney's office can likely force you to testify. A.'s Office needs only to make sure that you have been served in hand with a subpoena.You may then be forced to appear in court and testify — or risk being jailed yourself for contempt.Domestic violence and spousal abuse are common crimes in Massachusetts District Court.Boston domestic violence defense attorney David Yannetti and his associates have handled hundreds of these cases, both as prosecutor and as defense attorneys.Today, Attorney Yannetti persuades the judge to seal both charges pursuant to our motion.

Simply by claiming to be a victim of domestic violence — even where the allegations are patently false — a non-citizen spouse may put herself or himself on a fast track toward obtaining a green card.

Most people are unaware that their local police departments have a mandatory arrest policy when the police are called to a home for allegations of domestic violence.

That means that if a neighbor calls 911 because a husband and wife are screaming at each other and causing a commotion next door, the police will go to that residence intending to arrest the more "culpable" one — however they view that.

Sometimes a husband will literally "volunteer" to be arrested so that his wife can remain home with the kids. Most people are unaware that the alleged victim in a domestic violence case does not have the power to "drop the charges." Once a person is arrested and brought before a court for arraignment, the district attorney's office takes control of the case.

Most prosecutors will never agree to dismiss domestic violence charges at an arraignment.

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His wife had called 911 and reported to the police that Client had choked her and pushed her to the ground while she was pregnant. Client immediately retained the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm to represent him.

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