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He is best known as the author of 10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Improve Their Lives.I'm using the gender identity specifically in the headline rather than the biological sex.These fantasies can offer exciting fun, but getting preoccupied with them or acting on them - even with a willing , straight male - is unhealthy in the long run, if. o FATHER HUNGER If any gay man enjoys excessive fantasies about straight men, I suggest that he explore his relationship with his father - and with all the other influential straight men in his life.Not having received a father's acceptance and unconditional love, you can transfer that longing onto a series of straight men you admire. After all, people work out all types of challenges by maintaining relationships.If you have unresolved issues with your father, go to him and work through them.

The sexual fantasy of pleasuring a straight guy lets you make intimate contact with him and finally win your father over.If one of them did return their interest and became emotionally available, that would confirm that they are gay and force them to deal with all the issues of coming out.Whenever I hear the label 'straight-acting', I cringe because to gay men, usually it really means 'acting masculine'.However, gay men do not reject every feminine attribute, and some other men - particularly straight men - often ostracize them and punish them for this.When growing up, gay men experience rejection and alienation from straights, so it only makes sense that parts of our psyches are longing to connect with them, bond with them and ultimately, try to be one of them.

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