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There are lots of ways to stay single: the aforementioned futon method; avoiding situations that are potentially awkward; not knowing what shoes to wear with that top.And even though meeting new people will always be terrifying it can also be thrilling and it's the absolute best way to get out of a mega video addiction---I mean, a rut. On sunny mornings, the kind of single people you want to meet are out doing things.Being open to meeting someone is a great way to open up multitudes of other exciting things in your life. Right now, it's Sunday morning and you're going to the Forum Flea Market (2901 Windsor Street, 463-1406).

The pitcher of beer infiltration may be applied to other establishments in the city.It decreases the functions of our long-term planning abilities, so that thing right now that seems really great? Someone whose eyes constantly glance around the room are looking for someone more interesting. Feeling particularly brave---not to mention quick-witted? Trivia is every Wednesday night at Rogue's Roost (5435 Spring Garden Road, 492-2337) from 10pm to midnight, and gives you a unique opportunity to meet lots of people.You won't really think about what it will mean later. Halifax's nightlife is a sexy veil to throw over any doubts you have about talking to someone you've never met before. Are they gabbing with their friend and only trying to make it look like they're flirting so that you will think they are fun but they actually want you, hell, anyone, to come over? Tribeca (1588 Granville Street, 492-4036) on weekends or Charlie's (5580 Cunard Street, 429-1401) on a Tuesday are good places to test this theory out. Keep in mind that most teams show up early or it's hard to get a seat.Don't tell someone your dog is a descendent of the Egyptian empire, because that's weird and you're lying. Especially if the same cute guy is on your ferry every single morning and you're getting sick of all the music on your i Pod. Or string it out and ask after a week of commute chatting.The same can be done to the regulars you scope with their morning latte and croissant at Steve-O-Reno's (1536 Brunswick Street, 429-3034), Two If By Sea (66 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth, 469-0721), Just Us (1678 Barrington Street, 422-5651), Uncommon Grounds (1030 South Park Street, 431-3101) or Ireland 32 (6220 Quinpool Road, 444-7555). My personal experience shows that people are more approachable when the sun is still out and nowhere are people more comfortable than sipping a mojito on a patio.

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If you have a dog, you can take your fudge and your puppy to the Halifax Common, Fort Needham or Point Pleasant Park.