Interacial dating between white men and black women uptight about dating

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In fact, most people who are very muscular would show up as obese on the BMI chart.

Furthermore, I think it's very unfair to ask that a mate be "good" by meeting qualifications that we don't meet ourselves.

To ask me to justify or defend my ten-year relationship with my husband along racial lines is unacceptable, and I won't play.Now there are 81 Black men for every 100 Black women.All of the rest of the qualifiers are too one sided to be of any use.Shudder.) Being married to a white woman definitely indicates that a man is no longer available, but it does not indicate that he is "not interested" in Black women anymore than it indicates that he is no longer interested in any woman other than his wife.If we are going to compare single Black men to single Black women, we need to eliminate everyone who's married, which means that we actually need to change the initial numbers in this chart.

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I agree that these men shouldn't be considered in the "Black single men" pool, but only because they are not single. Technically, this is true as those men could divorce their current spouses.

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