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Most intimidating fans in sports

Despite playing in one of the worst arenas in the league and fielding a team that, until 2012, was a perennial loser, the Dubs sold out nearly every game.

Nipping closely at their heels are the plaid-adorning fans of Portland Trail Blazers at an even 1.00 SDAA, comfortably above the fans of the bronze medalist Utah Jazz (0.80).

The Sacramento Kings are a pedestrian 13th in attendance but 1st—by a long shot—in home court advantage.

I used a similar process to that which I followed in my previous two studies: identify the qualities that indicate a good fan base, create models to control for the factors over which fans have no control, and use those models to compare teams’ actual and predicted performance (with the difference representing the fan impact).

The time period that I observed spanned the 2008-2009 through 2013-2014 regular seasons. Showing up to games and creating an intimidating atmosphere for visitors are probably on the top of most people’s lists, which is why I used average attendance and home court advantage (as measured by the difference between home and away scoring margin) as my two outcome metrics.

While a formidable home court advantage is certainly the most important action that a fan base can deliver, I don’t have enough trust that the method I’m using to measure it accurately reflects the fans’ “value added”.

If I had the average decibel level in each arena, that would be a different story.

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In short, teams toward the middle of the rankings may be mildly mis-seeded, but those at the top and bottom almost definitely deserve to be there.

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