Poor self esteem dating issues

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Poor self esteem dating issues

He/she may reject the compliment outright or become embarrassed but don’t let it bother you and move on to another topic.

Over time your attempts at positive feedback will help your partner to feel stronger and more self-assured in the relationship.

The whole point is to keep the date as non-competitive and relaxed as possible.

Also you will probably notice your date afflicted by a crippling indecisiveness even in simple matters as placing orders in a restaurant or choosing the dessert.

So if you find your male partner repeatedly putting you down or overinflating his value or skill in a vain attempt to put himself in a superior position, it could be because of his lack of self-esteem.Admire the dress or jacket he/she is wearing and if you visit his/her apartment, praise his/her housekeeping or decoration skills.However be careful to offer these compliments in as casual as manner as possible.Plan a week before with your date, and acquaint him/her with the particulars, including the time, place and when you will like to meet.The more information he/she has, the more comfortable your partner may be.

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If you are serious about your partner, you will have to convince her of the need to help herself – to take steps to raise her self-assurance and self-confidence so that she knows that she is deserving and worthy of a happy and successful life.

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