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But the ultimate threat is not the latest technology … in cyberspace and real life” (“Instead of just fighting about money or how frequently to have sex, couples are also fighting about time spent on Facebook or whether it’s OK to send a text during a romantic dinner or bring a laptop on a getaway weekend,” says marriage expert Howard Markman There’s an article written on a computer web site that tells of some of the divorces going on because of Facebook and other internet “community” choices that spouses are making.

You might find it helpful to read what’s going on concerning this area of our married lives.

You’ll find several articles on this web site in the Emotional & Physical Affair topic that can help you to do the same as well as recommended resources such as the book Hedges: Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It by Jerry Jenkins. Being active Facebookers, we’ve adopted a set of boundaries for our online time with Facebook friends.”“(1) Set Safeguards With Your Mate –Discuss with your mate: What Face Book friends and groups are inbounds or out-of-bounds?

In the above mentioned article, Jason and Kelli also wrote, In Malachi 2 it talks about setting up a protective perimeter around the covenant relationship. (2) Don’t Post Negative Things About Your Spouse (3) Choose Your Friends Wisely (4) Play it Smart With Who You Talk About What With (5) If in Doubt, De-friend Them.” Great boundaries!

(DO NOT) Report that you or your spouse is out of town.

(DON’T) Have private Chat sessions with people of the opposite sex.

With every new online fad have come the stories of spouses wandering away from their marriage to a new cyber love interest.

• Update each other on your Face Book Friends and Friend Requests.Steve and I pledged years ago and work hard to do the same. We do this to avoid the appearance of impropriety or being caught in a potential he said/she said situation.Our marriage is too important to us and to God to do any less. We’ve heard too many stories of how an accusation (some true, some false) has tarnished a reputation or ended a career.• Share your username and password with one another.• Make your spouse the topic of your Status Updates at least once a week. (DON’T) Write cutting remarks or negative statements about your spouse.

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