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As a consequence, she was forced to wait ten days, then became sick, before ultimately giving birth to a baby that died shortly after.Next to her sits her husband, shaking with rage at the thought that the law could have resulted in his wife's death.The wealthy women flew to Miami or Cuba for safe and under-the-radar procedures; the poor women were relegated to what some might refer to as “the alleyway”—unsafe situations and procedures that could, and did, land them in jail.

As Carol Tobias, the prim president of the National Right to Life, told the filmmakers: “We want to nibble away at Roe v.And if you’re in a low-income job without benefits or sick pay—well, sorry.(It’s also worth mentioning here that women of color account for more than half of women of reproductive age enrolled in Medicaid.) If you are a well-to-do woman in a blue state, it might be easy to read this and think: I’m safe.Consider the single mother with several children denied sterilization because of a hospital’s religious beliefs, or the pregnant woman subsisting off just 0 a month who ended up buying pills to induce her own abortion. There, as in other parts of the world where abortion is criminalized, women found themselves behind bars for doing, or trying to do, what the law prohibited.A human rights lawyer told me that basically all of the women who wound up in jail for getting an abortion were poor.

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It’s something that has not gotten a much attention as, say, the hundreds of abortion restrictions that have been implemented on the state level since the tea party wave of 2010.