St petersburg dating russia

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St petersburg dating russia

If the friend-date turns out to be awkward, no pressure, you got to spend a few hours practicing Russian and getting to know a little more about the people of your city.Don’t let fear of awkwardness scare you away, if you can’t think of something to talk about, ask them about their favorite places in the city- that way you make conversation and have a list of new places to explore. You will meet new people, have new experiences, and have less regrets. Language Exchanges/Clubs There are a plethora of groups set up simply for the purpose of having conversations in a certain language- English, Russian, German, Spanish- they’re all here.Of course, use common sense, trust your gut, and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations, but the more you push yourself the more memories you will make! Be bolder than usual When you meet someone new who you think you might get along with, just say, “Hey, this may be a little bit forward, but wanna go on a friend date sometime? Joining an English conversation club can help you meet Russians, but be prepared to speak a lot of English!I’m new here, so I’m putting myself out there.” And follow up on all your friendship leads! Every city has stuff like this going on, and it’s usually affordable and often free. A Russian conversation club will be mostly foreigners, but will likely be led by a local.One should differentiate women living in great metropolis such as Moscow, the capital city, or St-Petersburg, where standards of living are the highest in the country, from women living in towns like Samara.

Some gyms have special rates for students- ask your program director. Volunteer There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in St.

Ask people if they know anyone they think you might get along with, maybe you share a common interest like sports or a shared hobby, and let them set you up.

Plan something simple like a walk around the city center or meeting up at the local coffee shop- if you want a little more activity, look for a coffee shop with board games (Russian Scrabble is always a fun challenge! Perhaps come up with a general theme for the conversation beforehand- politics, movies, music, life in other parts of the country, etc.

If you had a great interaction with someone, or even just an okay interaction, give it a second chance for something to really blossom. This is a good way to meet a variety of people from all walks of life, not just college students!

Don’t wait around for them to make the next step, ask them out again! Look on VKontakte, Facebook, ask other students, or ask your university’s international student coordinator to find specific groups. Anti-Cafes A Russian invention and much less common in the States, anti-cafes are often places where young people go specifically to meet new people and talk.

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