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Stapon dating

And it was at that point where I was bend over this waist high table/bench thing we have in our bedroom which positions my butt hole at the right height for Grace's stapon; my eyes are closed, I'm in my sissy persona zone, grace is telling me how much I need to suck on a real cock.

How much I need to have my mouth filled with some real man's hot cum and I'm going Oh yes Auntie!

) and the last part was as always, my incredible wife when she grabbed a quirt straddled my back and began smacking my right ass cheek to make me crawl forward until there it was. Kiss that perfect man cock you ****** sissy, she demanded. I kissed the man cock right on the tip; right where it's clear drool was puddling. Then I slowly dragged my lips back across the tip to the other side and kissed it again."Good sissy, get used to it Wm. At that moment I felt like I was being controlled by an electronic game joy stick or something.

Sticking straight up and drooling was another man's cock. That's what you will be doing a lot of from now on, Katrina decided.. I was performing oral sex on a strange man's throbbing penis with my wife on top of me giving me the most graphic orders and I was pretty much in the clouds of lust.

In fact the last time Ami visited Grace talked me into letting her spank and fuck me while Ami watched.

Like I said, this is a lifestyle choice we enjoy, I'm not her full time slave. Because how I came to suck on this my first cock wasn't a "Sure honey, why not give cocksucking a shot!

In this case, it was Grace's best friend who was visiting and knew all about our S&M play and how Grace was the "man in our marriage" when it came to sex.

We were sitting on the porch of our beach house after coming home from a great dinner and the conversation was all about sex.

So Bruce, as it turned out (Ami's mysterious husband) is now himself turned on so much that the knob of his perfectly formed cock is sticking out to the side of his jock and he's got it pressing against my lips, and this is the first time in my life I'm doing that either!So what I'm saying is, our 2 standard activities are that Grace fucks me in the ass and I eat hers.Not simultaneously, rather that's how we do it which is intermingled with me dressing in sissy clothes, getting spanked, and lots of humiliation stuff.And the words just came out..."Oh, fuck me Auntie I begged!Fuck naughty Wm's bum hole with your cock, please..! "Yes baby, Auntie will fuck your bum hole; she'll fuck it and you like it's never been fucked before! Show Auntie how good you've gotten blowing her big strap on, licking it and gagging on it when she pushes it down your throat!

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." It was part of my brainiac wife's plan who knows that when we get to that special level of lust in our love making, I kind of become the sissy sub *** we act out until that point.

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