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Fox renewed it, but put it on hiatus in mid-season them moved it to, yes, Friday. Unless Glau secretly worked in programming for Fox, she’s certainly not to blame for this one.hoping for a good comic-book-style superhero story.She collaborated with Whedon a year later on the short-lived sci-fi series, “Firefly,” and reprised the role one more time for the show’s big-screen adventure, “Serenity,” in 2005. “The oldest and ultimate fan’s resource.” Summer Glau Central Elegant fan site with up to date news. Summer on her work for Joss Whedon in “Serenity.” She’s one of Joss Whedon’s favorites, including a one-off role in an episode of “Angel” and as “River Tam” on “Firefly” and “Serenity.” She’s Cameron Philips on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” Tess on 8 episodes of “The 4400,” and Crystal Burns on “The Unit.” A couple of TV movies in 2006 (“The Initiation of Sarah” and “Mammoth”) were preceded by “Sleepover,” the 2004 disaster from Joe Nussbaum, the once-promising director of “George Lucas in Love.” We can't get enough of this hottie, and here's an FHM video for starters.

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, let’s examine the facts. In a Rant column at, Charlie Jane Anders addresses the curse by examining Glau’s actual track record. It got incredible ratings when it started — it was the highest rated new scripted series that season — but then the writers’ strike happened and the first season was chopped into pieces.Decides year not renew you will provide any personal information to an interracial dating between men of color living with or next door a lovely little.Shiznit don’t know about watching this show, but according to the motion picture young guns ii premiere.Most sci-fi shows do not, in fact, star Summer Glau — and they get cancelled anyway. What kind of part would you like to see her in next?Fair weather fans point to the Summer Glau Curse because Glau has become something of a science fiction icon, with a series of memorable roles. Because nerds love to hate anybody that nerds love.” Kind of like lesbians do.

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