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Who is latoya jackson dating

” she told us Thursday while promoting the second season of her OWN reality show, “Living With La Toya.” “It’ll be bigger than anything, huge.Lots of people, all of it.” Michael’s 58-year-old sister, soft-spoken and sweet, also let us try on the whopping 17.5-carat engagement ring Phillips gave her on the show, after flying to Las Vegas to ask permission from family patriarch Joe Jackson.I know there are people out there who think he's prejudiced. Even a tearful bus journey with her mother to hometown Gary, Ind., for an annual Michael Jackson "candlelight visual," as La Toya calls it, is perked up by a visit to a local candy emporium. (Only Michael and Kathy had daughters, however, so La Toya gave the name to her Pomeranian.) "Everybody thinks they know you, everybody thinks they know our family, everybody thinks they know who we are, what we’re like, what we’re do. We are so different from what people think we are," La The show has fun documenting La Toya's attempts at maneuvering the Los Angeles dating pool.How, after all, do you get to know someone over a quiet, candlelit dinner when half the restaurant is gawking at your table?“La Toya’s biggest performance of all could be as a bride-to-be, when a wedding proposal turns her world upside down,” it reads.Phillips, CEO of Ja-Tail Enterprises, which he co-founded with La Toya in 1999, presented La Toya with the huge sparkler 10 months ago, but his actual proposal will air in the coming weeks."I've always wanted to be a mother, all my life," she said, adding that she's considered adoption.Jackson's upcoming docuseries includes footage of Phillips asking Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, for her hand in marriage.

Phillips confirmed the news of the betrothal and gave a statement to Us Weekly reading, "Yes, it is true, we are engaged and very happy to begin our lives together. " The singer appeared on the morning show to promote her reality show While she still has to iron out details for her big day, Jackson is thinking about motherhood.To get access to the King of Pop’s sister, interviewers had to agree to the terms and avoid burning questions about Michael’s life or death.“La Toya just gets very emotional, and that’s the topic that can make her cry,” one friend close to the reality star tells us.La Toya Jackson, engaged to her longtime boyfriend and business manager Jeffre Phillips, tells [email protected] her wedding is going to blow people’s minds.“It’s going to be bigger than Kim’s (Kardashian’s)!

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