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The video piece sets the tone for Edmund Clark’s exhibition at IWM London, in which he merges documentary and conceptual practices to reveal the hidden side of the War on Terror, when state control pushes and sometimes shatters ethical and legal boundaries.”“On 6 July 2016, Sir John Chilcot published the findings of the Iraq Inquiry: a 2.6 million word document constructed over seven years of painstaking investigation into the Blairite government’s actions leading to the war with Iraq.

Looking at issues of security, secrecy, representation and legality, the show focuses on the measures taken by states to protect their citizens from the threat of terrorism, and the far-reaching effects of such methods of control.”“The Imperial War Museum continues to work with artists prepared to present challenging and critical work on Britain’s role in contemporary conflict.

In the video installation, ‘Orange Screen, War of Images’ paragraphs of text appear on a blank orange background, describing iconic images from the War on Terror in plain, forensic language devoid of context – 2003 A giant black statue right arm raised to the sky face obscured by fabric of white stars in blue background and red and white stripe as two men in helmets wearing brown and green climbing a metal ramp wrap chains and a rope around its neck…“‘2001 black smoke from a tall tower seen across roofs and skyscrapers its twin to the left intact and a plane lightly tilted black silhouetted against the blue sky’.

Laid out on a screen the colour of the infamous Guantanamo Bay detainee uniforms, as devoid of punctuation as it is of emotion, this statement conjures up an image that is now part of the collective psyche.

It is evident that art can survive even under a severe curtailment of artistic freedom, but can creativity flourish?

State support is significant to the development of the arts, but even in countries where freedom of expression is encouraged, it can also unduly influence its direction through funding, policies and control over education. ”“The war on terror continues to spark public debates about secrecy and security.

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Following on from the Iraq War photography of Sean Smith, a retrospective of the artwork of Peter Kennard and an installation addressing the plight of Gaza by Rosalind Nashashibi, IWM London’s latest offering is Edmund Clark’s “London’s Imperial War Museum has an outstanding track record in staging hard-hitting exhibitions, with Peter Kennard’s photo-montages and Edward Barber’s documentary photographs being two very recent examples.

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